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Project Description
This project contains an API that you can use to convert XML into comma separated values (CSV). It comes with a Windows Forms client application; just download the binary from the downloads page, unzip and double click Moor.XmlToCsvConverter.exe to execute. It is programmed in C#4.0.

This program was originally authored as part of a software package designed to identify, classify and report on Poor Households in remote areas for the Cambodian Ministry of Planning as part of the IDPoor project.

Command Line Support
As of version 1.5 a command line tool for XML to CSV is included which let system admins convert xml to csv as automated batch operations from a command line prompt.

Online XML to CSV conversion at Luxon Software
Need to convert XML to CSV but work on Mac OS, Linux or a smart device, don't want to install the software on your computer or just need to convert XML to CSV as a one off? An online XML to CSV converter is available from the Luxon Software website to cover these needs, as well as the reverse conversion, from CSV to XML. Online conversion from XML to Excel in .xlsx format is available from the same website on this page. If you need an XSD schema for your XML you can render one at Luxon's online XSD schema generator page. You will also find a very nifty online XML viewer.


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